Sunday, June 10, 2012

TSM beat! Next Dignitas vs Dynamic

After 3 action packed games, TSM take the win over, both teams were looking really dominant throughout the games never giving up much to each other, the last two games were so so close with neither team giving up more than 2k gold at a time, it really was a rocking horse with CLG taking an advantage just as TSM scrape it back and go into the lead. The first game TSM came out really strong winning all the lanes and having a huge advantage winning the game, the second game was very close and the deciding fator was when TSM got baron and Froggen immediatly replied with a quad-kill that made him snowball to victory. The last game was the best as CLG where creeping ahead early game and were looking generally stronger than TSM, until Dyrus on Kennen and Regi on Morgana got their Zhonya's Hourglass' and won a crucial team fight which turned the game around and they pushed hard and fast for the win.

Next up is Dignitas Vs. Dynamic :) what are your predictions for this, im leaning slightly in favour for Dig as they have always been so strong and a genuinely nice team. Check it out live here

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