Sunday, April 29, 2012

Golden Circle

I have been so busy this weekend, I was planning to make a post on Friday then I got called into work over the weekend which sucked, I was planning on going to the Golden Circle on a tour bus with some friends. I have been before but the weather was nice and it seemed like a good idea. Alas work comes first. Ill show you what I missed out on. 

So the first stop is Þingvellir. It is the area of the first parliament in the world founded in AD 874, every year people from all over Iceland would travel to this place of importance and throw a festival. Its located on 2 tectonic plates the Eurasian and American which is very unique. Its one of the most visited tourist destinations here :D

Next on the tour is my favorite, Gullfoss waterfall, it is a 100ft deep and just a spectacular sight, the mist spray is why there is a double rainbow haha, i had a picture of a triple rainbow but i cant find it :(

I have already mentioned the Geysers but it is on the tour, this is a picture of Strokkur, it is the bigger of the two geysers and erupts left, the other one, just called Geysir erupts once every 5 minutes but not as explosive :p 

The last main stop on the tour is Kerið. I havent been here personally but I would like too, some tours miss out on this, Hveragerði which is a greenhouse village that has earthquakes everyday, Skálholt which is a historical church and Nesjavellir which is a geothermal power plant, I will write more about these places in a later post including snowmobiling! Back to Kerið though, it is a 3000 year old crater which filled with water making it a lake in the middle of nowhere. The caldera is still visable which gives the rocks that reddish tint which looks like nothing else i have seen before, I am very interested in going here and seeing it in real life lol. But yeah that's about it I hope you all had a good weekend I am off to watch the new Avengers film ^_^


  1. Looking at that really makes me want to plan a travel in my next vacation =3