Thursday, April 12, 2012


So Just over two years ago Iceland was made a little bit more known for the eruption Eyjafjallajökull. I had just moved to Iceland a few months before so i wasn't aware of the kind of volcanic activity here until it erupted. I was watching the news seeing animals and houses covered in dust 

I was pretty shocked at the amount of chaos it had caused, i then heard the smoke cloud was coming towards Reykjavik, which where i was living at the time. It happened overnight and there was a thin layer of dust left behind, not as much were the initial eruption was. But it left all the surrounding mountains which are usually white with snow, left looking very black.

This is how the Volcano looked before erupting, nice and peaceful and green, i visited the place personally a few months after the eruption and the view had changed quite dramatically.

This is a picture i took of the hardened lava flow from the top of the volcano a few months after the eruption. The place was still thick with dust and debris and the grass had disappeared. I was pretty shocked at the irreversible effect but was also pretty cool :D


  1. I looked up Eyjafjallajökull at forvo to see how it is pronounced. Seems impossible.