Sunday, April 29, 2012

Golden Circle

I have been so busy this weekend, I was planning to make a post on Friday then I got called into work over the weekend which sucked, I was planning on going to the Golden Circle on a tour bus with some friends. I have been before but the weather was nice and it seemed like a good idea. Alas work comes first. Ill show you what I missed out on. 

So the first stop is Þingvellir. It is the area of the first parliament in the world founded in AD 874, every year people from all over Iceland would travel to this place of importance and throw a festival. Its located on 2 tectonic plates the Eurasian and American which is very unique. Its one of the most visited tourist destinations here :D

Next on the tour is my favorite, Gullfoss waterfall, it is a 100ft deep and just a spectacular sight, the mist spray is why there is a double rainbow haha, i had a picture of a triple rainbow but i cant find it :(

I have already mentioned the Geysers but it is on the tour, this is a picture of Strokkur, it is the bigger of the two geysers and erupts left, the other one, just called Geysir erupts once every 5 minutes but not as explosive :p 

The last main stop on the tour is Kerið. I havent been here personally but I would like too, some tours miss out on this, Hveragerði which is a greenhouse village that has earthquakes everyday, Skálholt which is a historical church and Nesjavellir which is a geothermal power plant, I will write more about these places in a later post including snowmobiling! Back to Kerið though, it is a 3000 year old crater which filled with water making it a lake in the middle of nowhere. The caldera is still visable which gives the rocks that reddish tint which looks like nothing else i have seen before, I am very interested in going here and seeing it in real life lol. But yeah that's about it I hope you all had a good weekend I am off to watch the new Avengers film ^_^

Thursday, April 26, 2012

more LoL

Been really looking for ways to improve at LoL, going to start playing ranked a lot more and want to get my head around it :D found two more new cheat sheets that I am currently using. Take a look I hope they are big enough to read!

This pic explains itself, Every cool down, damage, creep and wards :p very nice guide to refer to to see how well you are doing. If its too small click on the image then right click and open in new tab, then you can zoom in and read it all ^_^

So this is a cheeky little guide to play the champions. I've learnt most of this so i know what to expect from my opponent and it really has helped me out.

Im sorry i don't know why i posted this pic haha ;) it really made me and my friends laugh. Hope you find it funny too, sorry for such a short post but im planning a trip to the Geysers in Iceland again should have a new post with some good pics soon. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

League of Legends

So recently i have been spending a lot of time on LoL, Its a Hero Arena RTS game that requires teamwork and   a good knowledge of Champions and their abilities and how to counter it, I stumbled across this site a while ago, it is a little bit outdated with a few of the new heroes missing but it is still awesome.

There are a number of useful website to help you understand the game more and really help you out This is the official forums for LoL, this is my first stop most days to see what everyone is up to and talking about, the community. If I find some really good posts i will try to put them here. This is a database updated every week of the stats of games played, You can see which heroes are the most popular, check your favorite players ranks and recent games its like the In-Game summoner profiles that you view but better :p This is the Wiki for LoL, this site is pretty good for looking at peoples blogs on heroes, reading the Lore, finding out Patch notes etc. This site is the best, I still use it today, i remember when i first started playing, I was a big Garen fan after playing Swiftblade/Junero from Hon/Dota I was building him completely wrong, followed a build from this site and instantly saw improvement :D is a site I have been on more recently, I am a TSM fan and enjoy watching Dyrus and TheOddOne's streams. You can also see featured streamers on the same site like, SKOcelot, Guardsman Bob and the other favorites 
The main things i have found out playing LoL are to play it for fun, if you start to get mad because the other team is laughing at your, just ignore it. If you have a bad player on you team try and lead him through the game. I have seen and been apart of so many games when we are about to lose and turn it around, its never over until its over ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Fun

So whale watching yesterday was a success, cloudy start but the weather cleared up and we got what we came for, Some nice sights of the whales :D 

Not the best pictures haha but you cant win them all! Speaking of winning them all, I got home just in time to watch El Clásico, the first half was amazing as Real went 1-0 up with a goal from a corner from Sami Khedira which was great, then the games tempo slowed down towards the end of the first half and beginning of the second. Alexis Sanchez was subbed on and scored moments later to my dismay :( But of course after having a great game CR.7 stepped up and scored a superb goal from a perfect through ball from Ozil and won us the game, I was screaming in delight!

I am a big Real and Ronaldo fan so this just made my day. I might post some more posts about other teams soon, I support Arsenal in the Premier League and have been very impressed at how they have been playing at the moment. Im also thinking about making a few gaming posts aswell, I have been playing a lot of LoL recently and might make a few interesting posts about that. Thats it from me Hope you all had a good weekend and i will blog again tomorrow, byeee x 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog Expansion

I'm going to start two new blog interests, firstly I am going to a bit of blogging that sparks my interest about football, Premier League and La Liga mostly, I am a big Real Madrid and Arsenal fan! You are more than welcome to comment below and give me some suggestions on what you would like to read about. 

I think I'm also gonna start doing gaming posts since gaming is a huge interest of mine. Again comment below with suggestions if you'd like. 

I will of course continue with travel posts because I have so much left to blog about it will still be the main topic.

I will try to make gaming and sports posts once a week, going to find specific days for it, maybe sports on Friday and gaming on Mondays :p

Monday, April 16, 2012

Whale Watching Weekend!

So this weekend I am planning on going whale watching with a few buddies. I have been once before and it was defiantly a fun day out, It was raining which sucked but eventually we saw some humpback whales after two hours. We are going with a different company this time in a faster boat, also there is an island full of Puffins we will pass this time, the Island is called Lundey which is from the Icelandic word for Puffin, Lundi.

So yeah it will be two in one, plus if we don't see any whales we get a free trip next time no complaints here haha. There is also a new feature on the boat we are taking, you can rent fishing rods and cook what you catch on the barbecue right there. So all in all i am pretty excited about this as it will be a good laugh :) x


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Geysers, Gaming and Goals

Iceland is a lovely beautiful albeit small place. Very little happens here, I might start writing some more in depth descriptions of my travels to a few other countries. Maybe the UK or Denmark? where would you like to hear about? :D

Also thinking about making two new Blogs, one about gaming and the other about football. My two other passions :P 

But anyway i was visiting the Geysers today with a few of my friends which was pretty cool, They are exactly like Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park in the USA. Shooting boiling hot water out of the ground spraying everywhere, it only happens about once a day so its a phenomenal sight.

I had a nice time today plus the weather was awesome by Icelandic standards.
So yeah lots more stuff to come keep posted x

Thursday, April 12, 2012


So Just over two years ago Iceland was made a little bit more known for the eruption Eyjafjallajökull. I had just moved to Iceland a few months before so i wasn't aware of the kind of volcanic activity here until it erupted. I was watching the news seeing animals and houses covered in dust 

I was pretty shocked at the amount of chaos it had caused, i then heard the smoke cloud was coming towards Reykjavik, which where i was living at the time. It happened overnight and there was a thin layer of dust left behind, not as much were the initial eruption was. But it left all the surrounding mountains which are usually white with snow, left looking very black.

This is how the Volcano looked before erupting, nice and peaceful and green, i visited the place personally a few months after the eruption and the view had changed quite dramatically.

This is a picture i took of the hardened lava flow from the top of the volcano a few months after the eruption. The place was still thick with dust and debris and the grass had disappeared. I was pretty shocked at the irreversible effect but was also pretty cool :D

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

So I took a trip to the Blue Lagoon again for Easter. It's the best thing you can do!

Imagine icy -1 degree temprature on the surface but the water is almost 40 degrees. It so lovely, calm and pure and it really does just rejuvenate you. You will feel ready for anything after relaxing in this water :D

What you are seeing is steam being given off from the lava further below the water bed giving you an idea of just how warm it is. It really is just breathtaking and I can't recommend anywhere better to go and soak up such natural wonder and beauty :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hey Everyone, hope your easter is going as well as mine, got some Icelandic lamb in the oven, its the best meat i have ever had you definatly need to try it and we have our paská eggs! Thats the Icelandic version of Easter eggs

Hope you are all having a great day :D

Friday, April 6, 2012

Little bit of me and Iceland, more to come

I suppose there is nothing stopping me from getting started now :) I have been traveling since I was young. They say home is where the heart is and that is hard for me to pinpoint after living in so many countries: England, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Thailand and of course Iceland. I will hopefully be able to share the culture, religion and local habits and places of interest, as i am currently living in Iceland i will start here, I visited this place three years ago before i moved here, I remember thinking what everyone thinks "Iceland is just a placed covered in snow" but that myth was squished fast after I got off the plane in Akureyri, Many people believe Iceland is cold and Greenland is warm, but it's really the other way around. There is an old Icelandic tale of why the names are back to front. It originates from Scandinavian settlers, it is said that Erik the Red was exiled from Iceland for murder, so he set out with his family on ships to find the land that was rumored to be to the northwest. After settling there, he named the land Greenland in order to attract more people to settle there. And it worked. 

The Icelandic language is one of the hard mainly because of its archaic vocabulary and complex grammar. It took me a long time to master it, longer than other languages i have learnt, an example was when the volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted and listening to non-Icelandic speakers trying to pronounce it made me laugh :D 
There are many unique natural wonders in Iceland from Volcanoes, Thermal Springs, Geysers and Waterfalls, i have visited many of these places while living here, the most famous is the Blue Lagoon it is a natural pool that is headed by lava, there are natural minerals in the water like silica and sulfur which is said to heal people with skin diseases, it is such a nice place i went there last year with the annual Blue Lagoon race, which is a 40km bike race that ends at the Blue Lagoon with a free swim and drinks which was just perfect. 

There is so much more i am going to write about including other locations i have visited and the culture, religion and other things :D but that should be enough for now, hope i held your interest!


Greetings Blogger, 

My name is Einar and i have just joined, hoping to share some my travels around Europe, i am currently living in Iceland so i will be showing you around, i also love gaming and might post some vids and tips here too :)