Saturday, April 14, 2012

Geysers, Gaming and Goals

Iceland is a lovely beautiful albeit small place. Very little happens here, I might start writing some more in depth descriptions of my travels to a few other countries. Maybe the UK or Denmark? where would you like to hear about? :D

Also thinking about making two new Blogs, one about gaming and the other about football. My two other passions :P 

But anyway i was visiting the Geysers today with a few of my friends which was pretty cool, They are exactly like Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park in the USA. Shooting boiling hot water out of the ground spraying everywhere, it only happens about once a day so its a phenomenal sight.

I had a nice time today plus the weather was awesome by Icelandic standards.
So yeah lots more stuff to come keep posted x

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  1. I'd like to read your relation from visit in Denmark. There's a chance I'll be going there next year as a exchange student.