Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Free Champion Rotation (Season Two: Week 24)

So he is here, and yeah he is pretty unstoppable. Played him a lot today and he is very hard to beat, his damage is naturally high with a passive Wit's End, and a quick double tap of Q in a trade if you have 3 stacks of your passive on your target will win even against Vayne's burst.

His passive is better than I expected, if you need to push a lane his passive last long enough for you to kill a melee creep just in time to refresh on another melee creep. His Q is so much fun and reminds me of when I played Windrunner in Dota, she was one of my favorite heroes so this makes me really happy haha. 

His W is also good as it is % health based, this makes him a strong carry throughout the game so i am looking forward to see him in tournament scrims and upcoming matches. His E is a tiny bit weaker than i thought, yeah it slows and reduces healing received but the debuff is instantly gone if you move out of it. I suppose if it was not like that it would be considered too OP, I usually use it a few seconds into a team fight or in choke points so enemies have to run through it to chase you. Finnaly his ulti is so fun, i remember a match today we were loosing a team fight, i cast it and it bounced through all 5 heroes cripplingly slowing them and we turned the fight around and aced them :D

A good mix of Free to Play heroes this week

Mid: Annie Twisted Fate Vladimir Talon
Top: Kayle Malphite Olaf Warwick Vladimir Talon
AD: Caitlyn Twisted Fate
Jungle: Olaf Talon Warwick Malphite
Support: Kayle Leona

Alot of bruisers this week mainly top/jungle heroes, nobody too OP so thats nice, lastly IPL 5 Open Regional Qualifiers has been announced so I will be watching that routing for TSM :p


  1. we have been having a blast at the office with this weeks lineup, we mostly own all the champs.. but we mostly get peopel trying them out.. you gotta start somewhere :D