Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Fun

So whale watching yesterday was a success, cloudy start but the weather cleared up and we got what we came for, Some nice sights of the whales :D 

Not the best pictures haha but you cant win them all! Speaking of winning them all, I got home just in time to watch El Clásico, the first half was amazing as Real went 1-0 up with a goal from a corner from Sami Khedira which was great, then the games tempo slowed down towards the end of the first half and beginning of the second. Alexis Sanchez was subbed on and scored moments later to my dismay :( But of course after having a great game CR.7 stepped up and scored a superb goal from a perfect through ball from Ozil and won us the game, I was screaming in delight!

I am a big Real and Ronaldo fan so this just made my day. I might post some more posts about other teams soon, I support Arsenal in the Premier League and have been very impressed at how they have been playing at the moment. Im also thinking about making a few gaming posts aswell, I have been playing a lot of LoL recently and might make a few interesting posts about that. Thats it from me Hope you all had a good weekend and i will blog again tomorrow, byeee x 

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  1. Yeah, the pictures aren't the best, but it seems like u had awesome time...also congrats on Real win, i was delighted with Ronaldo strike too... :)