Monday, April 16, 2012

Whale Watching Weekend!

So this weekend I am planning on going whale watching with a few buddies. I have been once before and it was defiantly a fun day out, It was raining which sucked but eventually we saw some humpback whales after two hours. We are going with a different company this time in a faster boat, also there is an island full of Puffins we will pass this time, the Island is called Lundey which is from the Icelandic word for Puffin, Lundi.

So yeah it will be two in one, plus if we don't see any whales we get a free trip next time no complaints here haha. There is also a new feature on the boat we are taking, you can rent fishing rods and cook what you catch on the barbecue right there. So all in all i am pretty excited about this as it will be a good laugh :) x


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