Thursday, April 26, 2012

more LoL

Been really looking for ways to improve at LoL, going to start playing ranked a lot more and want to get my head around it :D found two more new cheat sheets that I am currently using. Take a look I hope they are big enough to read!

This pic explains itself, Every cool down, damage, creep and wards :p very nice guide to refer to to see how well you are doing. If its too small click on the image then right click and open in new tab, then you can zoom in and read it all ^_^

So this is a cheeky little guide to play the champions. I've learnt most of this so i know what to expect from my opponent and it really has helped me out.

Im sorry i don't know why i posted this pic haha ;) it really made me and my friends laugh. Hope you find it funny too, sorry for such a short post but im planning a trip to the Geysers in Iceland again should have a new post with some good pics soon. 

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  1. Hahahahha that last pic is worth gold...given that my main chars are both Karthus and Blitzcrank I can feel the intensity in this picture xD
    "He who is golden, gathers no rust" -> the one and only, the towerdiver Blitz :D