Monday, July 2, 2012

All the Jayce Patch Notes here

As per usual with riot there are some interesting changes in the upcoming Jayce patch. There is alot of work being done on the skins which I have mentioned in a previous blog already but here is some of the new mentioned changes here. 

These are some unofficial patch notes that may be implemented or tweaked a little aswell: 


  • Base Health increased to 523, from 493.
  • Armor increased to 19.6 (+3.6), from 18.7 (+2.7)
This reminds me of the recent buff Malphite received. Yes it was minor but i have been seeing him played a little bit more, i hope this will make Gragas a little bit more viable mid in high elo play.


  • Base Damage decreased to 49.3, from 54.6.
A very small nerf but i think it is deserved. Kennen played well can decimate a team 1v5 so a light AD reduction wont affect him too much. 


  • Health decreased to 484, from 524.
  • Living Artillery Additional Mana Cost Cap increased to "Each subsequent Living Artillery in the next 8 seconds costs additional Mana up to a maximum of 400 Mana, from Each subsequent Living Artillery in the next seconds costs additional Mana up to a maximum of 200 Mana.
I think this is defiantly needed. After Graves minor change last patch Kog'Maw has been one of the best AD choices by far and a very strong mid hero essentially giving you a 2in1 combo. This will nerf some of his early game presence and Ultimate damage which can just chunk down enemy Champions. 


  • Electro Harpoon Tooltip updated: Danger Zone Bonus: Deals 30% additional damage and slowpercentage is increased to20/26/33/39/45%. 
  • Scrap Shield Tooltip udpated: Danger Zone Bonus: 30% increasein shield health and Movement Speed is increased to13/19/26/32/39%.
Not sure if these were already the numbers Rumble was doing and the tooltip was just wrong but these buffs will make him seen more Top in ranked play.


  • Hungering Strike AP Ratio increased to 75/125/175/225/275 (+1) and 8/10/12/14/16(+1), from 75/125/175/225/275(+1) and 8/10/12/14/16(+0)
I don't think this is really needed. Warwick has been nerfed and buffed for a long time and i think he is one of the most balanced Champions in League.


Mana Potion

  • Gold Cost reduced to 35, from 40.
Good change in my opinion, never really could find a good reason why mana potions cost more.

Back to Jayce again here are his abilities in action. I can't wait to try this guy out.

So they have updated his abilities names. Read my other blog post to see what they do :)
Q - To the Skies / Shock Blast
W - Static Field / Hyper Charge
E - Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate
R - Deformation


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