Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Athene Going for EU First Level 60 Diablo 3

So Athene the worlds most famous record breaking profession gamer is going to go for EU first level 60 on Diablo 3, He will be doing it 4 player Co-Op with other WoW legends including Hydra, in my eyes the worlds best Priest player and has been for years. Braindeadly, the Neilyo of Hunters :D and of course Jimos the funny Retribution Paladin, its nice to see the three Englishmen with Athene I bet they are having such a laugh getting prepared for this. Athene is promoting this on his live stream Operation Sharecraft.

This first video had people wondering if he had been banned on the Chinese battle.net, as they could play 6 hours earlier but this was just Athene being Athene :p it was fake and they haven't been banned, they will be starting very soon trying to include the whole community by getting them to donate in game game to level Blacksmithing for him, every 5 thousand gold donated will put you in a pool to win some Razor gear from Operation Sharecraft (which has in fact raised over 625 thousand dollars which is insane and so great!)

I am pretty confident he will make the record as he is a very intelligent gamer and has been practicing on the Diablo 3 Beta a fair amount, and with the amount of fans helping him just like with WoW record and Starcraft record etc. It should not be too hard for him.

Check out his live stream he will be starting very soon http://www.athenelive.com/stream/42146/?Athene 

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  1. Can't wait to play it, It would be awesome...