Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day

So yesterday was great having a free day off, I decided to go with some friends to see 21 Jump Street. It was actually a very funny comedy, a nerd and a jock go back to school after 7 years undercover to find out who is selling a deadly drug, their roles somehow get reversed and Jonah Hill is the popular guy and Channing Tatum is the nerd. I was laughing from start to finish and would recommend you guys check this film out. Also check out the Avengers, i watched it on Sunday and it was epic :D

Im also thinking about going snowmobiling or skiing this weekend before the snow melts any more making it hard to do :( 

Another pretty cool thing that happened for me at least :p was the new patch on LoL introducing spectator mode, allowing you to watch your friends and high ranking players play with a 3 minute delay, this is very nice as i already spend a lot of time watching the pros stream on Twitch/Own3d.

One final thing was the match between Manchester United and Manchester City, I watched the game on one of the only Sky box's in Iceland haha and I must say it was a very disappointing game. Being an Arsenal fan myself i'm happy with the 3rd place we should get but this match was going to decide the title, It was only 1-0 to City with the captain Vincent Kompany scoring a header from a corner kick in the 45th minute, apart from that it was very quiet with Unite not even having a single shot on target which hasn't happened for them in years. If these two team both win (and they should) their last two games then City will win the Premier League on goal difference which is absolutely crazy but hey, I guess that's why they call it the beautiful game. I hope you all enjoyed and spent the day well and I will write about something good soon :)

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