Friday, May 11, 2012

TSM not going to ESL

So Team Solo Mid are not attending the upcoming ESL due to them not being able to stream it. As it is their main source of income and ESL also make all the people attending unable to stream so they get all the viewing commerce. ESL also make the teams and players pay to travel and thier own accommodation, so even if TSM won they wouldn't make as much money from streaming it. League bans and penalty points outside The Intel Extreme Masters League bans and penalty points outside the Intel Extreme Masters do normally not apply towards the Intel Extreme Masters the exception is when the penalty points have been awarded due to cheating. Some other misbehaviours like ringing/faking or insults can also be punished, depending on the severity.

The casters have made enemies here and there are rumors that they are going to be banned to other upcoming tournaments for a year but this is just false. Others are saying TSM want to dodge this tournament as they haven't been playing to their full potential loosing scrims to team as SK and Epik Gamer. Being a TSM fan this saddens me but at the end of the day they need to pay bills and could easily come to a deal with ESL to share the income from streaming to the 200+ thousand expected viewers. 

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