Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Champion Spotlight and Patch Preview - Darius, the Hand of Noxus

I thought id share this with you as the Champion is out soon and Phreak as always is giving tips on how to play him. He looks like a good top/jungle hero but it doesn't look like he has very good sustain. The Champion Spotlight videos  are always funny to watch for me as the people Phreak is killing really have no clue :D

Hope you enjoy and learn a few things, I am looking forward to him as I enjoy playing top and hope he will be viable. Of course he will counter some heroes and in turn be countered by a few aswell but thats part of the fun in LoL.

The Darius skin just looks like a pimped out shiny version of the original Darius. Its nothing special and I doubt i will be buying the riot point bundle. 

In case you have not seen the patch preview this will keep you up to date of all the new changes incoming with Darius, there is also the visual updates and new item and champion changes in the video. Enjoy.

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