Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Favorite Skin Theme

So there have been a lot of themed skins for LoL with the Hextech, Commando, Pentakill and the Winter/Frost themes etc. They are all really good but my favorite is defiantly the Doctor theme :D 

Kennen M.D. has the exact look of House which always makes me laugh when I see him. Im pretty sure every guy alive likes the Nurse Akali skin, for a character she is very cute haha. Lastly Surgeon Shen reminds me of Turk from Scrubs, he looks so intelligent here unlike his other ninja based looks.

These are the other three skins I also love, Ziggs' voice is crazy as it is so when you add this skin as well its even more hilarious. Corporate Mundo is my personal favorite skin at the moment, its so awesome seeing an educated side to the Dr. I wish he would throw his phone sometimes, I would probably just be sitting there throwing suitcases and phones at the trees! Finally everyone's most loved champion... Astronaut Teemo :p if people say they hate him they are secretly lying. His voice is so adorable through a microphone and he drops little satellites instead of mushrooms :)

I have put a poll up and want to see you guys most favorite skins. Please vote so i can see which ones you like.

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